Title SUGARKANE glasses are designed by Leandro Manuel Emede. The exclusive and limited edition asymmetrical frames are hand made one by one by italian craftsmen. Thtas why some of the colors we produce are just unique pieces. SUGARKANE occhiali are totally customizable. You can choose your own frame color and combine it with the lenses you prefer: even if the frames comes with trasparent lenses, you can ask for prescription, normal, gradient, photochromic, color or sun lenses. SUGARKANE occhiali comes in two models: prescription and sunglasses, but you are totally free to exchange their use and ask sun lenses on small prescription model and normal lenses on the big ones... its just up to you!


That's what SUGAR KANE (Marylin Monroe's character in Billy Wailder's movie Somebody like it hot) says when she explains to her new friend WHY she is going to Florida, and thats why SUGARKANE are the glasses of love, but there can be no love between two persons that are exacly the same: Love works only with two opposite minds, when differences are combined and they became important elements that can complete a feeling. Actually, asymmetry is the base for a real love!. So here we have SUGARKANE, a real couple of lenses, asymmetric, and really crazy in love!